What's Most Important


The first thing I must say, and don’t say often enough, is that my business, my results, everything associated with Bob Moncavage (the good stuff anyway) is the result of a team effort.  I could not and would not have gotten where I am without a fabulous team of professionals; like my office manager and right arm Elisa Ciotti, my latest team addition Chrissy Moncavage (yes, that is my wife and yes, I still have to pay her), my field team of Jim and Dave and numerous people who have been here for me and graced me with their skills throughout this crazy ride.  Their main job has been and will always be to make sure that I am on time, get the job done, return the calls and to just stay focused. As anyone who knows me will tell you, this is no small task! So if I haven't done some of those things, I'll blame them...LOL!  But since my name is on the door (and on this web tab), I’m the one who gets to claim the accolades, has the picture in the paper and gets the calls for the interviews.  Don’t think for one second I could have achieved nearly as much as I have without the help, support and assistance of such a great team.  I COULDN'T HAVE! For this great team I am ever grateful, appreciative and blessed.


With that being said, there are many qualities and skills that go into being an excellent real estate professional - experience, integrity, market knowledge, marketing savvy, effective communication and negotiation skills as well as a high-quality professional network of team members, business partners, fellow Realtors and ancillary service providers; all of which are hallmarks of my and my company's approach to the real estate business.


In my 28+ years of experience as a real estate professional in the Greater Pittsburgh region, I've found that providing the very best service is all about What's Most Important and setting Priorities.  This means determining a clients' needs and then creating a course of action to best provide solutions to those needs.  The What's Most Important approach to business and life has been my philosophy for several years.  It requires me to continually improve my skills, ways of doing business and creating balance in an otherwise crazy industry and life.  This includes having the best support team, effective technology and solid relationships that enable my team and myself to provide the highest level of service in 5 County (Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Washington and Westmoreland) area.  So when you decide that you'd like to sell, buy or invest in real estate in Greater Pittsburgh , please contact me first.  My staff and I are here to assist you with many of your real estate needs.


Lastly, that handsome guy in the picture on this site is NOT me!  That's my son.  He's been the "face" of this company since he was a toddler.  Many people have told me how cool it was watching him grow up (on the website) and ask about him frequently.  But now that he's twenty and (mostly) grown up, there may be some confusion whether or not that's me.  Again, it's not.  I guess I have to get a picture of both of us.


For the busy professionals; here's the bullet point summary.....

  • #1 Sales Team in Western PA; 18 YEARS RUNNING--over 6500 closed career transactions

  • #2 Sales Agent in Pennsylvania for 2020 and #21 in the nation for closed transactions as published in the Top 1000 Rankings in the Wall Street Journal by RealTrends

  • Full time real estate professional with over 28 years of experience

  • Distressed Property Specialist for 25+ years

  • Full support team covering all functional areas of the business

  • Penn State University; Alumnus and University Scholar, Class of 1989

  • Foreclosure, Corporate, REO, Investment and Estate marketing specialist

  • Conventional and creative financing specialist

  • Assisting Lenders, Outsourcers, Investors, Retail Sellers and Estates with sales, marketing and management

  • Extensive network of real estate related service providers--maintenance contractors, mortgage companies, title/closing services and more.  If you need it, we'll find a way to get it done!